Posted by: Team McSlade | February 8, 2010

Buenas Dias

Jan 30, 2010
As far as Spain goes, it’s great.
As far as my Spanish goes… not so great.
The world has moved in mysterious ways, with a pool on the deck, yet the weather is cold; we have had issues with the hot water, in so much as it hasn’t been working and bird-bath showers have been taken by heating water on the stove and adding it to a (cleaned out) mop bucket.
We are finding that our favourite phrase ‘¿Habla Ingles?‘ has paid minor dividends and my vague Spanish has brought out a few nuggets of information from the locals.
Jo has taken a slightly mellowed American tact in asking for information politely in English while the salesman is still in the dark with the Australian Accent (Jo has queried this sentence, and the elaboration is that we bought a scanner at Carrefour and the salesman had ‘un poce Ingles (a little English)’ yet she still asked about the cartridges and cords, etc, and the poor dude was slightly bemused. I understood that they came with the scanner {again some Spanish came to the rescue}, yet Jo wished to confirm this with the guy.)
Moving to a country where your language isn’t the main one spoken has made for interesting times at the supermarket, the tourist info centre, the car hire centre, the airport, the university, basically any place with people and some form of service involved we have come up short. Does it deter me? No. Am I re-reading my Spanish textbook and installing ‘I Know Spanish’? Si.
However, here are a few things I have learnt (or confirmed) since being on this adventure:
  1. There are 22 slices in a loaf of bread (Carrefour, 2010).
  2. Being able to thank a Korean person in their language goes a long way (Gam Si Ham Ni Da, 2010)
  3. The Decemberists are one of the greatest live bands in the world (Minty, 2010)
  4. Cities with one way streets not noted on their maps make it hard for the uninitiated (Gandia, 2010); and finally
  5. History did not begin in 1788 (Xativa, 2010)

Time to shoot through and get some kip – I’ve got a few months ahead to learn how to Spanish and i need my (brain) beauty sleep.

Adios desde Razz y El Conejos, tambien conocido es Espana Equipe.



  1. What about Flocons de Maïs – uhem, I mean Copos de Maíz…???

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