Posted by: Team McSlade | February 9, 2010

Como se dice…’headache’ en Espanol?

Hola Mis Amigos,

So today we found out that coming up short with Spanish (even when the shop keep has a modicum of Ingles) in a small village pharmacy can really do you a mischief. Jo wasn’t feeling the greatest and asked me to head on down the hill and buy a packet of aspirin.

“No trouble.” I replied and set forth on a brief mission knowing that Siesta was behind us, so the shutters should be up. Jess and I strolled in – after skipping like ponies down the hill, I wouldn’t let our little mountain goat run down the hill, it’s steep and the last thing I needed was to be picking pieces of gravel out of Jess’ mouth and replacing it with the teeth she had traded with the road for the gravel.

But I digress.

Back in the shop, I mention “Habla un poco Espanol.”  To which she asks me if I speak English? Yes I do. So I blast through what I need the aspirin for and the symptoms and the… Whoa, slow that English jibber down young man, this lady doesn’t know it that well.

She asks how long we have been in the area for, Dos semanas; then asks what is wrong, I slowly say Jo’s has a sore stomach, she says a virus is going around. I offer another sheepish reason, “It’s like…, but it isn’t…” Damn, this isn’t going anywhere fast.

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I say Jo isn’t that bad, no virus and that can I just buy the aspirin?


Now, whether you are speaking Spanish, English, French or a host of other languages that simple reply needs no translation (and according to the Microsoft Grammar rodeo, that sentence needs some re-arranging for ease of translation).

As Jess and I walked back up the hill (the canter had been taken out of our gait) we pondered what may have occurred had I just said Jo had a headache. I can say that in Spanish, ‘Enferma de la cabeza – She is ill of the head’ maybe not technically correct (to be technically correct a headache is doler de cabeza) but it would get the point across.

Tomorrow, I shall go into a pharmacy in Gandia, fingo a doler a cabeza, and see if the good man behind the counter makes with the Aspro-Clear.

Adios, Ryan



  1. Nice blog TeamMcSlade. Tell Jo no being sick in paradise.

    Fieldmouse holding down the fort in Broadview

  2. Very smart Team McSlade. This is the most reading i’ve done since…well… who am I kidding this is the most reading I have ever done. Scratch and sniff sticker for me please.

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I got mal de tête just thinking about it!

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