Posted by: Team McSlade | February 10, 2010

Has anyone seen my morning?


So as a bit of a change I (Jo) thought I’d tap a few words out into the ether… mostly due to the fact that I am perplexed by the tangible difference in the rules of time here (and I need to do something more constructive that re-reading Twilight or timing how long it takes for the sun to come out from behind the clouds while laying by the pool – I did this yesterday – making 200 my acceptable count before considering giving up on the winter warmth and heading inside)

Somehow, it seems that siesta has actually infiltrated the passing of time for the benefit of all Spaniards and, has successfully, rearranged the length of the hours allocated to sections of the day.

Here are my observations:

Despite the fact that our house, with the shutters down, is the bat cave, it still seems that regardless of dragging yourself out of bed at 8am (apologies to all those who are usually at work by that uncivilised hour) the next time you check it’s around 1pm. And, from this point on everything slows down and the next 3 hours feel like 6 – so in effect you actually start your day around lunchtime and kind of get your morning hours back. I can’t work it out, and it’s not just me – we all notice it.

So really, it’s like an exchange of time – shorter in the morning (getting your morning work shifts out the way faster*) and then longer in the afternoon – to make the most of free siesta time – Perfect and Brilliant.

I plan to bring this new time structure home to Australia – I may even start a Siesta Club… any takers?

And to sign off, and strengthen my theory of time, Ryan has just returned home from Uni announcing that he has a welcome dinner on Friday starting at 10.30pm – yes that’s right 10.30PM!

* Ryan notes that when he was in la Farmacia the other day the lady said that in the morning the hours they were open was from 10 to 1.30 – generally those last 1.5hrs would be termed ‘the afternoon’ – not in Spain though.



  1. Count me in – I would love to be the primer miembra de su club de siesta

  2. What, you men the rest of the world doesn’t have an afternoon nap!

  3. I’m in! I would like you to bring that big ole plan back to UniSA and implement it somehow…I so could do with a Siesta!

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