Posted by: Team McSlade | February 12, 2010

Mi cerebro hecho del queso suizo.

Hola Mis Amigos, 

So today has been a day of frustration, deliberation and debacle.

When one’s brother has been given a work assignment that takes him to Paris – all expenses paid – then he heads south to Spain and finally onto New York (and you see the ridiculously cheap fare he has paid for the NYC leg, yes, he has paid for some of it), it makes a man think…

“Damn, I could do with going somewhere for my birthday.”

Now I know that a few bright sparks may point out to this little black duck that being in Spain could pass for ‘being somewhere’ for one’s birthday. I would duly agree, but when in Europe, you might as well see as much as possible. 

Here’s where the first line adjectives (frustration, deliberation and debacle) come into play; I have spent the best part of twelve hours looking at cheap hotel sites for some deal in Milan that would fit with our budget and sleeping constraints. It appears from my exhaustive searching that either Milan is a really expensive town, or they are not thrilled with having children stay in the same town as Da Vinci’s Last Supper. 

Through my searches, I have found out the following facts:

  1. There are three towns in the US called Milan (in Ohio, Tennessee and Michigan)
  2. Milan has a 7 metre tall statue called Leonardo’s Horse
  3. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. 

One site gave me the following instructions; I think it means “Please wait, Wego are finding the cheapest rooms for you.”


As I have been typing this, I have also been continuing to search and one site just converted my language of choice to Chinese. Brilliant. As if chewing through a day hasn’t been a big enough kick in the head, now I have to deal with trying to get the site switched back to English, I’d even accept Spanish or Italian as a few sites have been. 

I apologise for this rant, but I had to purge. Jo has told me this is what she does all the time when she’s booking our trips. As if I can be bothered hearing that’s what she does while I relax and perhaps head to the pub for a beer. (Ladies, Jo found mirth in the previous comment, please take it in the jovial way it was intended, but seriously, I do go off to the pub for a beer and leave the OCD to her).

 …and now Internet Exploder is living up to it’s name. Serves me right for wishing for a bright and cheerful Milano 34th smurfday.

Adios and I will let you know if it has come to fruition, Ryan



  1. Must admit guys, I laughed WAY too much at the “As if I can be bothered hearing that’s what she does while I relax and perhaps head to the pub for a beer” line. Probably because I recognised so much of my own life in it. And yes, I too would have found mirth had Mark made that same comment, but given the choice between tearing my hair out over the three million hotel options in any given city, and arriving in said city to find out that Mark has booked a hostel across the other side of the country because ‘well how was I supposed to know there’d be more than one Springfield?!’ – I know which one I’d choose. Face it Jo, Ryan might not have to deal with the rigmarole of the overseas holiday booking process, but do you really want to relinquish control? Didn’t think so 😉

    Half the fun, after all, is getting to whinge about how difficult it is while secretly relishing the outlet for your OCD, then the incredible smugness you can feel afterwards when someone goes ‘aren’t you organised!’ and you can say “Yes. Yes I am. I did this WHOLE THING myself. Aren’t I awesome.”
    Well, that’s what it’s like for me anyway.

    I’ll let you get on with your siesta.

  2. That’s only because Jo does the whole OCD thing so well…

  3. What kind of Swiss Cheese – Emmental? Raclette?

  4. Thanks Chloe for the vote of confidence, I will have you know I have never landed us that far out of town (I at least check the map) however I am quite partial to the occassional flea bite.

    Grace – any one that has large holes in it.

    Kate Muesli – Touche (I couldn’t add the accent, but you get the idea)

  5. […] the mid February I kicked on with Mi cerebro hecho del queso suizo complaining about the mind numbing rage I felt for the fact that Milan is so damn expensive to go […]

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