Posted by: Team McSlade | February 13, 2010

¿Que tiempo hace?

It’s unusual…now, where have I heard that before?

So to kick off today’s rant I need to reflect back on time spent in Canada. When I, like most people, think of Canada I think of many things but mostly of snow and ice hockey. So to our amazement (but mostly horror) when we spent our time there it was during the time of the lowest icepack in about 25 years causing ski resorts such as Whistler to close before the season opened and, for the first time in NHL (National Hockey League) history, the season was abandoned due to salary cap disputes – so, no snow and no hockey.
As is our resourceful way, we checked out the local hockey team (Nanaimo Clippers being the SANFL Bulldogs of the BCHL – no Sturt here), and we got a quick ski in at Mt Washington (the day before they shut her down too) and the marmots weren’t even out yet!

So where is this leading I hear you wonder.

As most of you know we have had troubles with our hot water due to the ‘unusual’ weather as the temperature here rarely dips below 20 degrees (so we are told). So based on the theme of this email, and our penchant for all things unusual when we seem to leave Australia, it should come as no surprise when I say..
it is snowing…. yes, I repeat, it is snowing.

It took me a while to believe it myself. Not a flurry by anyone’s standard just a light snow.

Suffice to say I don’t think we will be having showers today! Ryan checked the thermometer on the front porch and it levelled off at 3 degrees. Perhaps a resourceful bird bath shower will come into play again and I don’t really plan to get out of bed!

Adios, Jo and Ryan (our first, partially successful team writing effort)

PS ¡Tenemos Amigos! A few from Denmark (Jesper, Neira and Christina), Jesus (Mexico) and Mika from Finland. Paella parties have already been discussed. Sorry, cooking strictly inside, no BBQs here, might burn the forest down! What in the snow?!

We could have gone out with them for the dinner starting at 10.30pm however, the bikes are still on the way (they’re having a mechanical siesta at the moment) and the nightclubs were only opening at 4am – apparently that’s still too early as no one gets there until 5ish. This is almost perfect for me (Jo) as I could get a good night sleep in and go clubbing during the day – how totally civilized for the over 30s. Plus we seem to be eating breakfast cereal at 11pm anyway –  it reminds me of Billy Crystal in City Slickers ‘you start eating dinner at two, lunch around ten, breakfast the night before’



  1. Build a snow man, build a snow man!

  2. I am soooooo glad we are coming in Summer. This whole shower thing is a bit too much. 😉 Just confirming the ONLY reason you have no hot water is because it is so cold there and by the time we arrive it will be all good???? My fingers are tighly crossed. Is there a bath?

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