Posted by: Team McSlade | February 13, 2010

Ryan, Grace said “Snow man.”

“Why the need for another blog today?” I hear you ask.

Well, there has been a slight change to our forecast.  Jo’s call of ‘lightly snowing’ has been upgraded to a category five blizzard. By Spanish standards this throws an onion in the ointment and now Jo is asking me if we have enough supplies! While I don’t think we need to drag the dogs and sled out of the garage just yet, I am glad that we got the shopping done yesterday, rather than have to fight that Rotova hill today with snow chains on the pushie.

We emailed the owner of the villa – mainly for his entertainment – to let him know about the weather conditions and he informs us that in the 10 years of living here he has only seen it snow once before!

So, for the cheers of the crowd (and for the fact that I could say that I had done it), I (Ryan) left Jo to carry out the daunting task of Grace’s comment and build a snow man, while I chose to do what any decent, red blooded, macho, bbq-ing, beer drinking, fat snag eating (see Stella’s Garden for more info) Aussie male would when he has a pool and it snows – swim man – and I chucked a backflip into the deep end! Now just to make sure that the event was captured correctly for prosperity I performed this marvellous feat twice. I also made sure that I had waited 30 minutes after eating, but did not apply sunscreen (that’s living on the wild side, my friends).

So we are now five hours into our Spanish blizzard with no break in the clouds and the snow continues to fall.

‘Man, my little tooters are cold now’ are the signing off words from Ryan.

Adios from a mucho frío famillia en Almiserat.

PS check out the Spain – Snow Day – Feb ’10 link for photos.



  1. Hmmmmmm…. you didn’t want to meet us in Switzerland, so what do you? Bring the snow to you in SPAIN – bloomin’ heck you guys are seriously connected – how do you do stuff like that…???

    ps. nice mini-nieve-man

    • Well, it’s like this…. actually, I don’t know.

      Maybe the good Lord just wants us to have birdbath showers and for us to experience cabin fever first hand.

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