Posted by: Team McSlade | February 17, 2010

Not even a C+ for effort


That’s how I’ll describe my second class for the week. Wow.

Now, that isn’t one of joy and folly for the class was breathtaking in its awe-inspiring brilliance, but a ‘wow’ for the fact that in a class called History of Design, I expected a little bit more than a crumby powerpoint presentation (that the ‘lecturer’ read from the screen) about the highlights of William Morris and his leadership in the Arts & Crafts Movement in the late 1800’s.
Two hours had been set aside in my timetable for this lesson; yet with a rather poorly devised roll call, the class began, the reading commenced and then finally two You Tube video clips on the Arts & Craft phenomenon were shown.

Basically, I now know that William Morris was a man who designed stuff. Also other people did stuff too. At the end of one You Tube clip rolled, the ‘film’ informed us of men who had contributed to this era – the names rolled like the opening credits of Star Wars, blasting out of the bottom of the screen and fading into the distance at the top.

So out an hour early, I and a couple of German girls and a Dutch girl headed to the cafeteria (just a quick side note, I can order coffee in Spanish and actually get the coffee I desired, no English required there mis amigos).  I was aghast, surely this was not the end of the Arts & Craft era, surely there must be more, something I missed? No, is the answer to that pondering and next week we head into the lofty world of Bauhaus.

My second class for the day was Academic English and as the previous lecture had finished early, I had a 5 hour break in which I did the mundane chore of shopping (groceries only), looking for plane flights and trying to book a car to hire tomorrow.  Back in the classroon at 4pm and the lecturer was not in attendance. After waiting for 25 minutes and then having a Spanish guy return from the information arena with the news they could not locate the staff member in charge of this class, I went home.

As we waited, I and the girls from the History class, chatted in the class – waiting patiently for the teacher to not show up – I found out that in another class one of the girls had, the lecturer appeared to be drunk. This may be idle gossip, but even if they couldn’t get the cops in for this lecturer to blow in the bag, she (the lecturer) still had a few sheep loose in the top paddock.

Thus far, that is my study life here. Missing (whether they are there in body, the mind may not be) teachers, rubbish powerpoints, and we watched Dr Strangelove on Monday as part of my Comedy in Film class. One out of three ain’t bad.

Adios, Ryan

PS, Ben gets into town tomorrow, we are heading up to Valencia for both Thursday and Friday, then back down our way for a few days of sights and sounds of Gandia. I might even see if Ben’s interested in a class of Film Comedy, but he probably gets enough of that at his work (Empire magazine for those that don’t know, Google it and let the oracle guide you).



  1. I wonder what would happen if you all took score cards to class a-la-winter-olympics-ice-skating-judge-panel and rate each teacher out of 10 after each routine. Anyone scoring a perfect 10 receives a bottle of Rioja, which by the sounds of it you may want to share with them as they might be worth it.

    Hmmmmmm… I’m a genius…

    • Yes, Genius a la Wile E Coyote, Super Genius. Acme Style.

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