Posted by: Team McSlade | February 25, 2010

The 5 Spanish food groups

Many of you will not know, but in my fad-filled youth and influence of a particular teacher’s guilt (‘you do realise that is the carcass of an animal you are eating’) I became a vegetarian.  Much to the humour of my parents, who always found it a challenge to get me to eat my vegetables and watch me only eat the bolognaise from the spaghetti, I declared ‘No more meat for me!’ (it lasted about a year).

So now as I stare around the kitchen I see that particular ‘lifestyle choice’ is certainly far behind me.  I cannot entirely blame Ryan for what I have created for dinner (his dedication to the carnivore way of life has always been central to his beliefs) however Spain has certainly supported his love of protein and influenced much of our stock pile of food.

So this evening as I deliberated over pizza toppings….’should I use the aged Jamon Serrano, pancetta, chirozo…’ (seeming to represent 3 of the 5 Spanish food groups) I came to the conclusion with a shrug of my shoulders – ‘What the hey, when in Spain…’ and I used them all! 

The next step in the protein indulgence is the cheese.  When goat’s cheese appears as standard on the grocery lists (along-side pate) it seems almost rude not to have it with every meal.  Of course I try to convince myself that what I am doing is acceptable by adding the token amount of baby spinach but the good intentions don’t last long and the leaves soon disappear under a layer of standard queso (cheese).

As it seems that the cheese family fills the remaining 2 food group categories I quietly congratulate myself for delivering to my family a nicely balanced meal.

I must admit I do find myself wondering as to the collective state of health in this lovely part of the world but so far most people seem of average weight (and under average height – which is a novelty to me) and operating in a general state of happiness and cheer.

So I have come to the conclusion (with no disrespect to my vegetarian and vegan friends) that you really can never have enough meat and cheese and I will toast to this tonight with a glass of Sangria!




  1. Mmmmmmmmm pizza

  2. Ah yes, I seem to recall said year of madness.

    I too took on a 3month contract of veganism and celebrated the conclusion of it with 10 bottles of red to erase any lasting mental anxiety.

    Don’t try this one at home kids, it not worth it 😉


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