Posted by: Team McSlade | March 1, 2010

Ignorance is bliss (We’re not in Kentucky are we?)

Ok, so one of the advantages of having satellite TV (only the free channels) means that you generally don’t want to constantly watch BBC World News, CNBC, Euro News and Al-Jazeera (seriously we have Arabic TV) and you get out and pay more attention to the things you left your home country for… such as the meat infused medieval festival from our previous post.    However, there are downsides to seceding from society and losing touch with current affairs….

After returning home from the Rotóva festivities, Ryan continued to glance at the program muttering about how we had our ‘Spanish timing’ wrong again as everything moves up a gear for the evening crowd – bands (toting lutes I’m sure – in a non-Jethro Tull kind of way), the roasting of various beasts, and the excessive drinking of ye olde cerveza – all in all a good time to be had.  But as the night drew on his yearning to ride back down the hill subsided and turned more to sympathy for the remaining crowd who would be braving the increasing winds blowing through the valley.

After about an hour we decided to baton down the hatches as our stiff breeze spiced it up a notch (Bam – sorry, that’s for Futurama fans) to something more like gale force and we recalled a newscast from Ben’s visit relating to the snow storm in NYC… we then had a vague recollection of that moving to Europe.  Yeah, whatever, we’ve already had snow!  Pfft.

But something seemed a little off and my memory drifted back to Kentucky – for those of you who have come onboard since Team Canada became Team McSlade a quick reflection: 

Kentucky: Where a warm breeze turned into at least 8 tornadoes (I slept through it, as Ryan sat in the car and watched rain fall parallel to the ground and a base station get blown to bits); a stuffed transmission on our Dodge Caravan in the backblocks; a transmission mechanic who moonlights as a bass player, Tom the Colonel, 9 cats, a broken toilet and Mama.

The key to that segway is the warm breeze – you don’t have that if it’s going to snow. I made my observations known to Ryan while he tapped out an email to his Ma which he then included…

‘We are currently in a massive wind storm, the power has gone out twice and the wind is quite warm. It has an eerie tropical feeling to it, like a thunder storm is coming, but we haven’t heard any thunder yet. Jo has just piped up that a ‘Kentucky tornado could also be on the way.’ Highly unlikely considering the geography of the situation (the Atlantic stands in the way). Make that three blackouts.’

Ahhh, highly unlikely… that should have given it away, just like no snow in Canada and snow in Spain.

So, after giving up on running the computer by its battery only, perhaps requiring to go out and search for a hamster to throw in the wheel; lighting and re-lighting candles courtesy of the eventual 4 blackouts, we headed off to bed. 

We woke to a clear day and assessed the damage of the ‘wind storm’: Large potted plants blown over, wooden pool furniture upturned, and didn’t we have another table?  Yes we did, and found it over the pool fence in the gully missing 3 legs that we managed to retrieve.  Not a bad effort for strong winds.

But then our neighbours turned up for a chat and happened to mention that a hurricane hit Europe (we have found out it’s name is Xynthia, what the…?) and France has declared a state of emergency losing major road ways and bridges.  Hmmmm, just a touch over the 35 km/h winds the good old boys on the weather channel predicted.

Yet another weather anomoly to add to the Team McSlade collection.  I’m really hoping that 30 degrees for more than 8 weeks in a row is unheard of.

Here’s to hoping that no-one you know was caught in these storms and please rest assured (this part is for the mothers and grandmothers in the audience) 

 Team McSlade is A-OK.



  1. Jo.
    News = overrated.
    Current Affairs = New Idea Gossip.

    Life on the road and in another country is so much better off without the ‘News’.

    You guys survived this storm and will survive everything ye old worldy throws at you, cause you can.

    A great man once told me, keep up on the ‘news’ by checking the daily headline on the news stand as you pass by. Brilliant idea I thought.

    Want to know what the weather is doing today, go old skool and look at the window when you get up. Its fool proof.
    If you live in Melbourne always carry a jumper 😉

    Choosing to leave the ‘news’ alone free’s up massive amounts of time each day by not watching, reading and talking about it.

    Time we can use to do other things, like write a blog to entertain the world, ride a bike to carnivorous, medieval festivals and steel oranges enroute.

    I like your news every day cause its real.

    I am off my soap box now.

    Loving having Team Canada/McSlade back on the road.

    PaT 😉

    • Thanks for the Mayoral speech from on top of the Palmolive box.

      We’ll be voting for you. I concur with the waste of time theory of sitting down and watching the daily monotony roll through (also the ‘liberation’ of oranges and push bike adventures has cooled down for the day).

      A weather blog was the call for the day – we stand by this and would repeat the same blog if another Winter Storm called Xanthia rolled through tomorrow.

      Thanks for the support for this little side road on the internerd superhighway and unlike Rex Jory and his inane editorials in the ‘Tiser, these little back ducks shall remain funny, vibrant and mainly irreverent (like Daffy Duck when he has his beak blown to the back of his head)

      Love us.

      For my (Jo’s) two cents worth I would like to add that much to my father’s disapproval I turned my back on mainstream media many years ago and haven’t bought a paper since I don’t know when. Also, I’m a big fan of getting the weather report by looking out the window too!

  2. Pat – I agree 100%

    Team McSlade – you keep doing what you’re doing – you inspire me no end.

    The first time you travelled under the guise of Team Canada – we were there within months, along with 1kg of Milo, 1kg of Aussie Cheese, 1kg of gravy and to wash it all down – 1.5lt of vin rouge.

    This time (knowing I’ll be in France in June and unlikely to make it to Spain before your 6-months is up) I’ve been inspired to do something else…

    I’ve started blogging – yep, that’s right – BLOGGING!

    It’s a travel blog of a different kind… it will revolve around my journey to the big ‘4-0’. It’s called ‘Project Grace 2010’ and it only exists because of you – because you guys are the greatest inspiration known to mankind.

    There you have it.

    Thank you.

    Grace 😉 xxxx

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