Posted by: Team McSlade | March 2, 2010

Hoy yo me afeité (Today, I shaved)

When we lived in Canada in ’05, I took my clippers with me to have a shave, only to find that the 240 Volts that powered it successfully in Australia was not supplied in Canada, thus it wouldn’t recharge and I shaved manually.

Skip forward 5 years and we find Team McSlade packing to come to Spain and I left the clippers in Australia as I couldn’t take the pain of the electrical rejection I would face if they made the journey with us and the juice wasn’t up to par with ETSA.
Also, I am quite partial to having a beard when travelling (even though it can bring the ire of airport security officials who randomly want to check the luggage of men between the ages of 18 – 39 with excessive facial hair; I’m still not sure why this is).

So with not having shaved since Christmas, I thought it was time for a ‘Spring Clean’ of the old portrait, thus the adventure started. I pulled out my hairdressing scissors and started snipping away.

The thought of allowing the sun to see my face again had been running through my mind for a few days and Jo had been banging on about not liking it so long, how it itched, how it smelt like stale milk and the list goes on. Personally, it wasn’t too long, it didn’t itch and having cornflakes readily available in case I got hungry was an added bonus.

Back to the task of shaving and I noted, somewhat belatedly, that shaving cream was not to be found in the bathroom, so I ran the shower and lathered up with Palmolive Aromatherapy Gel de Baño, cracked out one of Jo’s Bic razors and started chopping the forest down. The razor clogged frequently and shaving without a mirror can be dangerous, so I went to the mirror and finished the job to a level I was relatively satisfied with.

By now you may have spied the photo below and this is the reason this diatribe of madness was created. I am not a man who can sport a moustache without a beard successfully, but I can carry off the look of a redneck country bumpkin quite well.



P.S. I was going to bin the moo-tang at the end of today’s daylight hours, but Jo has given it a reprieve and it shall remain on my upper lip for a week or so, purely for the comic relief it offers the world.
Please remember our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and photos will be taken.
Cheers, Earl J Hickey

The Earl Image Gallery



  1. you aren’t well… but… you do bring pride to the not so middle of the road…

  2. ok previous email was bogus… just me trying to get into the mood…

  3. splendiferous

  4. Mmmmmmm flocon de mais, uhem, copos de maíz in your beard… and still got the mo tang to capture their golden goodness… mmmmmmmm!

  5. OMG….that is the funniest thing I’ve seen for ages….I laughed out loud little cuz!!!!! The kids want to know when you are coming back to jump OVER the trampoline again?? ha ha ha xxxe

  6. Oh my god I’m in tears!!!! That’s the best! I saw the top of the pic (just your head) before I saw the ‘my name is Earl’ heading and I have to say that’s exactly what sprang to mind!! Hilarious!!

  7. My God. I so needed that. Great shot. Pete has an “Earl” list for everything that he needs to do around the house, but that takes the cake. I’m impressed Ryan.

  8. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…breathe…bahahahahahahahahahahaha….breathe…bahahahahahahaha

    That is officially the funniest thing I have seen in freakin ages!

    I bet Mum laminates those little beauties, she’ll be so proud!!!!

  9. OMG Earl can you please shave before we get there? You will freak the kids out!!!!!

  10. Ryan, you always crack me so consistently up!!!!!

  11. Happy anniversary Jo and Earl Hicky.

    Love your blogs, keep well and happy. Love to you both, Nick and Lynda.

  12. I’ve just wet my pants

  13. Ha ha! Hilarious. You could be twins!!! Happy Anniversary. Miss you all. x

  14. the resemblance is sheer brilliance ryan scissor hands.

  15. Ryan, you are too funny!
    As it would still be the 3rd in Spain, may I say Happy Anniversay Earl and Joy (cause you know they were meant for one another even if Darnel has got in the way).
    Lots of love, N x

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