Posted by: Team McSlade | March 14, 2010

Bubbles, that’s all I got.

With such a photo must surely come wondrous news; elation that can be heralded to the angels on high?

What has got Ryan, so excited that he would post such a delightful photo?” I can hear you all ponder.

Well, nothing.

Yes, sports fans, I have just the humdrum of living in Spain with a family of four to report on. Here goes (sponsored by the good people of ‘A Life Less Ordinary’; with soundtrack by The Decemberists; Songs: Ohia; Okkervil River and Norah Jones):

1. Rode 17kms to Uni with two bikes on Friday; as Jo’s transport needed repairs I was at hand to traverse the distance perched on my orange bullet and guiding Jo’s with the left mitt. Needless to mention that changing gears, braking and watching out for Spanish couriers is a dangerous game when you are cruising in such a fashion.

2. Enrolled into two external subjects (I shall be completing two UniSA courses while completing four here in Spain) to reduce the payload on returning to Australia.

3. Jo’s been crook. Bed-ridden and smashed up. “Never been so ill in my life.” Porridge, an egg (boiled for 5min. 30sec. or scrambled) on toast and honey soy chicken wings (what the…?) have been her sustenance in this time of ‘not well’.

4. We are hoping for ‘well’ (just in time for Fallas).

5. Hats off for teachers. A few weeks of Year 6 & 7 and we are over it. Zach has been given the hot tip that if he continues to say that his work is done and the contrary is in fact the truth; then he shall be hanging out with his sister in Year 7 next year.

6. Seriously.

7. Jo laughed at this, she’s on the mend. (Or delirious, either way I am listening to Norah Jones in an effort for her to feel better – it could be Nickelback, but that would only help me.)

8. After ¡Lo siento! (I’m sorry) I had my Spanish class and my teacher asked me (in Spanish) to hang around after class. I did – thinking that I might be demoted a level in Spanish class – she however got me to wander over and see a fellow lecturer who wanted to increase/perfect his English. So we’ll be meeting for an hour or so each Monday for a chat in English and Spanish, to help both of us. Yay.

There we are, a basic update, nothing spectacular, but life in Spain.



  1. Jeez Ryan, I’m impressed. You HATE Norah Jones!!!!!! That really is love right there…..well done hun.

    • Thanks, I try to keep the disdain down to a dull roar…

  2. try 15 years of Distance Ed little cuz and then see if you are not ‘over’ teaching your own kids! ha ha ha…only this year and next and I am done with Primary school for ever! ps….hope Jo is better soon…love reading about your adventures…..I have sent a few on to Kathleen (my sister!)…….I’m still smiling at the Earl photos!

  3. Zach do your home work or I will kick you in the arse next time I see you. Love always PaT 😉

  4. Zach, listen to Pat 😉

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