Posted by: Team McSlade | March 22, 2010

Communication breakdown

Unfortunately, there has been a lag in the production line. Somewhere betwixt my brain and the keyboard a strike of some sort was organised. Not sure who the strong arms/heavies were or are thought to be; suffice to say they had held this scribe back from delivering the good word on Spain.

No longer is that the case.

Before I bang on about the joys of Las Fallas that was our past weekend in Valencia, I shall deliver a brief update on previous noodlings that may have had a few of you still lying awake at night, with baited breathe and a low rumbling of anticipation. Anxious to know whether I did in fact book some time in Milan or if Ben has felt the full wrath of the Spanish Hire Car industry? All shall be revealed.

1.       In the mid February I kicked on with Mi cerebro hecho del queso suizo complaining about the mind numbing rage I felt for the fact that Milan is so damn expensive to go to and how I had blown apart a day in trying to find somewhere moderately price for a family of four’s budget.
The upshot is that I found no meagre dwelling to safely house the budget conscious, thus we are heading to Madrid this weekend coming for my impending 34th lap o’ the sun celebration. Bring on Picasso, Dali, bullfights and tapas.

2.       Next point to clarify is ‘Did Ben get scorched by the hire company for driving a new Peugeot done a flight of stairs?’
To remind you of this comedic event, head either to Ryan’s version or Ben’s version to again feel the pain of not seeing a flight of stairs in the back blocks of Moixent as the car is about to trade paint with the houses.
After driving down and trading on the left hand side of the car (including giving a delightful piece of the rearview mirror to a Spaniard’s house and asking for nothing but a slight dent to the rear quarter panel in return) we took the car back at 5am as Ben’s flight departed at 7. Not wanting to disturb anyone, we deposited the keys in the return slot and sauntered off to the check-in gates.
A couple of cups of coffee, a trip to NYC & a train ride back to Gandia; after a few weeks had past the question was raised:

“So did they slug you?”

“No.” was Ben’s response, and to add joy to their injury, they gave Ben back his 100Euro deposit. It seems that having a car without dings is dangerous in Spain, thus Ben merely added the imperfect touches the car so dearly wanted.

3.       Finally, Jo is on the mend. After feeling fairly shabby for a couple of weeks, wandering the streets of Valencia seemed to have worked it’s magic. Oh sure, she’s not going to audition for Australian Idol, if Dicko and Marcia came to Spain tomorrow; but then I am as fit as a Mallee bull and I am not taking the vocal challenge either, so where does that leave us?

At the end of this rambling mess is where, so at least the ends of this one are tied up better than the final episode of a season of <insert your favourite soap opera here>.


P.S. Below is a float/structure that we saw burnt at Las Fallas. It only cost 210 000 Euros (AUD$340 000) to make.

I have also added a link to more photos on the Team McSlade site for Las Fallas – Valencia  (I am still adding more photos to it, but you can have look now if you want too).



  1. Yay – you’re BACK!!!!

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