Posted by: Team McSlade | March 28, 2010

I may not know Art…

But I know what I like. And Joan Miró isn’t it.

Right, as we rolled into Madrid for this weekend’s adventure I had a few things in mind. One being go to a bullfight (happening tomorrow – Sunday, 28th); two, enjoy tapas and beer for my birthday – today; three, go to the Prado and see my little mate – the pooch in Goya’s Perros Semihundido and four, go to the Reina Sofia and laugh at Miró ‘art’.

A bit of background info here.
In 2004, when Jo and I came here on the way to Canada I said we should go to the Reina Sofia and check out Dali’s surrealist work, Picasso’s Guernica (his seminal piece about the Spanish Civil War), and other wonderful Spanish artwork from recent history and a few other like Bacon and Ben’s favourite, Rothko (Pfft). Alas, as I had not studied Spanish at that time, and forgotten the daily times from my previous trip in 97, I took us there on the only day of the week it was shut, a Tuesday. Brilliant, don’t check before you go clown.

So this time with dates checked, and opening hours studied we were set. Dali was the first stop, The Invisible Man and other mind bending paintings were enjoyed. His film, Un Chien Andelou was viewed; the Pixies used this for one of their songs and slicing up eyeballs is not a great sight to see.
Picasso’s Guernica was great, it helps viewing the smaller paintings he did to get ready for the major piece to get a feel for all of the parts of it. A few other cubist painting of his and a sculpture was on show.

Here’s where the fun begins, I will admit that Miró’s mosaic Pla de l’Os on La Rambla in Barcelona is great and that some of his sculptures and paintings are interesting, but, at the end of his days he produced the biggest loads of rubbish to be called ‘art’.
If his mother was still around when he produced it, even she wouldn’t have placed it up the fridge.
Jess’ favourite was The Dance of the Poppies; a close but equal second (I think that makes it a dead heat third) with Birds in Space 1 and Birds in Space 2.
Three red dots and a black squiggle don’t make Flanders Field. Nor does having a red and blue dot with a poor horizontal line place feathered animals into the sky. While Rothko is a waste of paint and canvas, he at least has the decency to not even bother with titles for his work. He’s lazy, but he has his limits.

So, to add to the comedy of this event, I wore the t-shirt you can see below. It’s from the Archibald Prize at NSW Gallery, where Steve from The Packing Room has had enough of seeing the next breed of ‘artists’ freight their wastes of canvas to his realm.

All I’ll say is I think a lot of art teachers have got a lot to answer for.

I even got bailed up once in The Exeter (in Adelaide) by an art teacher when I wore it. She took offense and I told her to pull her head in. I then asked her if she pumped up kids who created poor work, she said ‘No.’
So I retorted that she had nothing to worry about.

More photos on the Team McSlade page under ‘Reina Sofia – Madrid’ and more soon about the bullfight and 34th birthday celebrations.



  1. Too funny!!! BTW That Tshirt looks even better back to front – haha!

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