Posted by: Team McSlade | April 26, 2010

The water’s fine, come on in

Yep, finally, the sun and its warmth have decided to grace us with its presence and the pool is now officially open for action.
Today (Monday) was the third day in a row that the water had been dipped, dived and bombed into. Jo has yet to venture further than the first few steps into the water, claiming that it’s too cold for her, but Jess, Zach and I have found that 26 degrees and a cloudless sky do allow for the togs to be donned and the water frolicked in.

Jess has managed to parade several season’s of swimwear fashion on the pool-deck thus far. I asked her today how many bathing suits she had. The maths and memory required to complete this task nearly caused a minor malfunction in the cerebral section of Jess, but she came back with the answer of “These ones, two more suits, a bikini one, and that rashie. Oh, three pairs of boardies and another one.”
Mahalo to my Hawaiian friends for kitting me out, 18 months ago, in fine boards at a reduced rate; all three pairs have had a run thus far. Only three pairs, quite civil I think, especially as they will double for cruising around town in.  Zach has done his standard trick of running the same pair of shorts over and over and over again. He did hit the water yesterday in two rashies, not quite sure of the logic behind it, but at least the sand isn’t going to chaff him. (Wait, sand, what sand? Answer, that’s right.)

Now, as for Jo, she needs the temperature to be about 38 before it’s considered ‘hot’. Please read further for exhibit A:
Before we left for Canada in 2004, we had a tennis day at Jo’s Dad’s place and it was hot. Well, conventionally hot; hot for the average man. Now as Jo is neither a man nor average this ‘hot’ did not apply to her. As Jo asked for a jumper (while the rest of us sweated through a few sets) a mate, Aaron, asked what the temperature was in Canada that day. Without finding a plausible answer, the newspaper came out and Vancouver was heading for a maximum of 4 degrees.
Aaron noted “Geez, you’ll never survive.”
So, as we have passed the snowy stage here in Spain, we are looking forward to the thermometer keeping with this upwards trend and we shall enjoy many more days of lazing by and in the pool.

Also, sorry Jess (my sister), I burst the pool footy on day one. For some strange reason they were not made cactus proof and as I threw it to Jess near the cacti (and she had her back turned to me) things didn’t turn out too well. I’m buying a new one this week.

Happy paddling, Team McSlade.

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  1. I want to come toooooooo!!!!

  2. Comon Jo – get in that pool !!! Do it for me !

  3. Oh no – not the million dollar beach football!! I’m just glad it’s been hot enough to have a run, albeit brief!

    Awesome pool snaps of all the kiddies, I love the one of Jo & Jess

    And really, what would a day in the pool be without Ryan doing a suey…hope Mini’s been perfecting the cannon ball, and Zach the layback…

    If Jo’s not wet by the end of a pool session just from sitting on the side, you 3 aren’t doing your job!!!

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