Posted by: Team McSlade | May 11, 2010

You’re doing what?

With a sleep to go until we hit the bricks for Ibiza, I am putting the keys on the board through their paces. Why you ask? I have not much else to do at 12.22am as I wait for a banana cake to finish cooking.

Banana cake, really Ryan, surely you are joking? And why are you talking to yourself in italics?

They are valid questions I pose to myself, with the answers simply being that I have a wife who enjoys the sweet (and buttery, when the half inch thick layer of golden goodness hits the slice of cake) taste and because she thought using up bananas would be a good idea.

I agree on the front of ‘Waste not, want not’. I remember as a child Grandma not letting my brother and I dash from the table until all the porridge was eaten,
“But, Grandma,  we need to [choose your favourite from the following list]:
– build a cubby in the old school yard
– shoot at tin cans and coke bottle with the .22
– crawl through the storm drain
– go to the shop for lollies
– smoke a wombat out of its burrow
– throw stones near the train line
– take the dogs out
                                 with Grandpa.”

“Don’t worry boys, he’ll wait for you.” And that he did.

But back to the cakes and Jo found that slumber was required and since I am out of the game of ‘leaving-things-in-the-oven-cooking-until-they-become-ice-hockey-pucks’, here I sit banging on about cakes and my dearly departed grandparents. 

Ibiza shall be fun in the sun with 2000+ Erasmus international students converging on the isle for the best/worst part of the week. (Sorry, gotta check on the cakes, back shortly. I’m back and it needs a little more, still gooey.)
A few parties on the beach, daytrips, some random party where they want you to dress in school uniform (I think a ‘pass’ will be taken for that one) and a nice few days of kid-free time. Bliss. 

Well, must finish up the baking and get some a few nods in myself. Enjoy the cake and a cuppa.

Adios, Team McSlade 

Show us your Banana cake!

P.S. we had a hail storm earlier in the week, with hail stones you could have played golf with. Lucky we weren’t in the pool for that one.



  1. Just about to go make a coffe and your banana cake will go down nicely! Yum! Now, what about some lemon or passionfruit icing?

    • I’ll see what I can smash out in the morning, but at the moment it’s butter or nothing in this house.

  2. That banana cake would have made Grandma proud, Ryan.
    How are you at Gingerfluff Sponges – another Grandma speciality? xxxx

    • Yep, Grandma would have said “Oh angel that is a lovely cake.”
      As for the gingerfluff number, not sure, but I do know the eggs have to be at room temperature for correct fluffage.

  3. Looks fab!

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