Posted by: Team McSlade | May 18, 2010

Lose yourself in Ibiza

So continuing on…After finally getting our room key, meeting our two Polish flatmates for the week and getting to bed at 3.15am (please note, scheduled time for arrival at hotel was 11.30pm). We arose to a partially blue sky; as luck would have it the clouds cleared and the memories of the night before began to fade. But before too long Team Tranqulia kicked into action and the first of the day’s antics began. 

Us at the beach

Stepping back in time a day and on the way to the ferry we all had 2 point 3 minutes to look at the itinerary, which comprised of times and locations (in Spanish) with no detail as to what that information meant, and select from options 1 or 2 – we chose 1 and we found out our roomies chose 2 (which for no extra charge came with the bonus of a 3.30am phone call to tell them that the times were wrong and they needed to be at the ferry at 11.00am not in Reception so be down stairs at 9.30am). 
So up they got after a few hours of sleep and just before they were required to leave, a knock at the door delivered the news that the entire program had been rescheduled (read shot in the head and stuffed), thus we would all be taking option 1 activities for the whole week. 
Great for us, not so great for everyone else who dragged themselves out of bed.

By this stage everyone was starting to sense that the pattern that was forming the day before, was starting to solidify; with murmurs of ‘Man, if this was happening back at home there would be a riot’ or the equivalent, was circulating through the group.
Unperturbed, we laughed it off (again) and headed to the bus stop. 

Once we were on the move Ryan checked the plan for the day and it listed our first stop as Mercadillo, which means markets, so you can imagine our confusion along with the rest of those on the bus when the salt pans are pointed out and the bus then throws out anchors at a beach.
The beach and cafe on the shoreline were great, however coming from a country with several thousand top beaches; it’s hard to be overawed by the sand and sea.
At the little cafe, we took in a coffee and fanta and as the steam was blown off the coffee, we were waved off the beach.

Jo – ‘Hey, Reija’s waving at us’
Ryan – ‘Cool, say hi for me’
Jo – ‘She’s waving for us to go’
Ryan and Jo – ‘Really?’

Yep, a late bus, poor guidance and a need to press on saw a coffee smashed down and fanta returned to its can for ease of transportation. Paying 3.50€ for 375ml of the orange fizz, that’s finding a way to come with us. 

After a few wrong turns and a chat with the other bus driver, at 2pm we were at another beach. Nice, with old fishing huts, a few islands jutting out, and some fat people sunbathing nude. One guy had a tattoo across his entire chest – it looked crap – and we figured he was trying to burn it off. Also no shame was shown, with a beached whale wearing a black g-string, clearly not a sight to behold.
The call of ‘Where can we get lunch?’ was fired across the bow, only to have a volley fired back with a note pinned to it reading “What, you didn’t pack any?”
No, as a quick count of hours will show that getting in at 3am and out the door by 10am doesn’t allow for too many trips to the shops and a picnic to be packed.
Mental note: Pack lunch three days before.

“2 ducks, 22 – Bingo!”

Tranquila was not of the essence, and we were loaded back on the bus (after it was relocated to the top of a steep hill 5 minutes earlier) Easy, unless you are on crutches, then you get carried by a few dudes, so actually, easy. We then headed for the Hippy Markets (and got lost again – with a GPS).

Yep, the Hippy Market even has its own banner proclaiming just that, set in pine trees and more tie dye, paisley, floral and incense than the 60’s had. Good hotdogs, an awesome ‘non-tourist’ Ibiza t-shirt for 4€ and a welcome dose of tranquila, but be back on the bus in an hour! ¿Tranquila? De nadaaa, basta ya.
Heading back to the hotel we were all a bit shell shock from the frenetic pass, but the beaches were beautiful, the markets great and laughs abounded and we were all still looking forward to the night’s festivities….



  1. Show us the ‘non-tourist’ T!

  2. Look out for my baby boy Bangs!

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