Posted by: Team McSlade | May 19, 2010

Ahhh Tranquila

Day three brought a certain calm after the storm with Jo and I waking at the crack of 10 (legend has it if the alarm is set on silent, you won’t hear it) and deciding to jettison the walking tour of the city. It’s not that we didn’t want to see the city and Dalt Vila – the fortified old city quarter – we just wanted to do this at our pace; slow (not the previous day’s pace of choice –  rapido and lost).

So after a shower, breakfast and a wander down to the sea we had worked out a plan of attack on the city and ventured forth. Having seen Pacha had clothes on offer (and that another club had a shop on the main drag) we trotted into a record store and asked for a shirt.
Now I did this in Spanish, and the words must have been in the right order because the record geezer decided to answer my question with ‘No’ and followed that up with machine-gun-fire Spanish.
The look of terror and dismay gave the guy a hint that I had no idea what he had just told me, so he gave it to me in English ‘They have a shop just down the road near the harbour.’ Cracking, shop direction noted, yet English has been the fall back again, damn, when will I get it? (That’s a loud rhetorical question)

Shoe shops were found and viewed, and I angled for the tourist info centre to get a map. Got one and asked for explicit directions for the Pacha shop (again in Spanish). Excellent, in Spanish I got ‘You are here, here is the shop.’
Alas and alack, the ‘x’ for the shop was like marking Texas on a map of the US and saying that’s where Dallas is. Basic Spanish fell out of my brain, as did coherent sentence structure in any language; thus the answer I was looking for of ‘It’s on the waterfront’ was delivered in English (again).

The dance club merchandise Mecca was found and Jo slammed down 26€ (correction, 27€ down from 39€) for a ‘Pacha cherries’ t-shirt. A key ring, dance club info guide 2010 and a spiffy Pacha carry bag (they gave the last item to carry the other stuff in, no cash exchanged there) also left the shop with us.
As we were on the harbour, we looked at boats, other shops and bought some Ibiza herbal liqueur for Matt and Kate in appreciation for taking our two medium people off our hands for the trip.

The evening itinerary had a ‘School Party’ at Space nightclub on the list, with the requisite to dress in white shirt, tie and skirt/shorts – this option was not taken. When you have been out of school longer than you were in it, there is a penchant to not want to return (including doing your children’s year 6 & 7 school work for them in Spain) and thus we went out for dinner.

Best move ever.

Earlier, when we cruised along the waterfront before heading into the city, we saw a few tables set right on the water line and as it was the only restaurant offering this experience we went for it.
Soleado is a French Provincial restaurant and they certainly know how to cook food. A three course feed (for a very cool 18.50€ each) included seafood salad and zucchini soup to get the party started; followed by a sirloin steak with a Roquefort blue cheese sauce and salmon in an almond sauce. To finish the feast, berry sorbet and coconut & mango mousse with a coffee and a mint putting the (Pacha) cherry on top of it all.
Jo used her limited French to compliment the meal and with that we sauntered off into the darkness, happy, full and bathed in the warm glow of tranquila.

Now that’s how you do it.



  1. Sounds like my kind of day 😉

  2. I love the Pacha cherries – Wish i was there…for the club & the shop !

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