Posted by: Team McSlade | May 20, 2010

Cancelled for ‘Bad Weather’

Having checked the reception board at midnight, there was a trip to the beach and Café del Mar on the cards for Day 4. As the details were quite hazy I hit up the boys for extra info, while doing this, the beach trip was cancelled for bad weather.
Now, as islands generally have their own micro-climates Jo and I will concede that it was bucketing with rain at 10.30am and that a day to the beach would have been rubbish but I was sure that the bad weather wasn’t going to last and with that we headed to Dalt Vila to take our own tour of the old city area.

The morning shook off the rain and we had great weather for this trek. A wander around a point and through a tunnel, we were at the old city. A vast stone wall encircled the houses and community of this area. People’s houses were on steep stair streets with not much access for cars (although Ben would have found a way – see ‘’ for further details).
Deciding on a café to have a drink at, I realised I had left the key to the room in my pocket. Under normal circumstances this is excellent news, but when your Polish room-mates may also need access to the room key not so great. A quick round trip jog of a few kilometres saw the key returned and Jo had successfully stalled the waiter with just the right number of times saying ‘Uno momento, por favor’.
After calamari and coffee, we headed for the same area we had been in the day before, stumbling across a nice market square and then a souvenir shop that sold us Ibiza coffee and a saucer and cup to keep the coffee amongst friends.

Our little hearts shopped out and tourist duties over, we headed back to the hotel and found that the Café del Mar leg of the day’s entertainment had been crossed out due to bad weather.
As Café del Mar was on our ‘must do’ list for Ibiza, we were finding a way to get there and take in their ethos of DJ’s spinning tunes to coincide with the sunset. Even if a cyclone hit the island, I am sure they would use a few thrash metal tracks to get the job done.
We then asked the hotel reception staff where the public bus stop was to get us to Café del Mar and with details in hand we rugged up for the western journey to Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Arriving at the bus stop and working out tickets needed to be purchased prior to boarding, this feat was accomplished and other ESN Valencia sun worshippers could be seen charging for the bus (a task made harder by a girl with a broken leg in a wheelchair in the touring party).
As the bus drove along the highway to Sant Antoni we noticed that the clouds had disappeared and that the sun was shining brightly in the western sky. Bad weather….hmmm.
A brisk stroll from the bus station got us to the shoreline and we hustled to beat the Barcelona ESN crowd to get a great slot in the front of the Café. Yep, a real cafe but they don’t serve food, only drinks and expensive at that. So a couple cocktails were bought (yes, I drank a ‘girlie’ drink and lived to tell the tale) and we soaked up the ambience.

Some laid back tunes grooved away in the background, refreshing drinks were sipped, idiots were tolerated for their decisions to stand in front of us and a buck’s show congregated in fancy dress with Borat, Wolverine, David Hasselhoff, John McEnroe and various others on show.
The sun did finally set, the show was a treat and just to show how bad the weather was I sent a photo message to one of the lad’s organising the trip with the sun in all its glory at the Café. The only downer was CDs being played, rather than the DJ set we were hoping for, yet it was great to go and take in Café del Mar.
Oh, and a few cheap purchases in their store. The prices seemed to be inversely proportional to the drink prices and I came a away with a jacket for 25€ and a t-shirt for 12.
A dinner of Indian food (strictly for the tourists, British muck – a sweet korma, what the …?) and the last bus back into town saw day four come to a close for us.

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  1. Very nice, great images of the Mar

  2. Noyce xx

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