Posted by: Team McSlade | May 22, 2010

Adios Ibiza

So this effort will round out Ibiza and our wonderful time there.
Jo was slightly aggrieved that I had admonished Ms Jones in amongst our recanting the fiestas of Ibiza; however I stand by my decision to have a crack at her and iPod and their plan to ruin my serenity.

Back to the last full day on Ibiza and a boat trip to Formentera planned (with good weather at our beck and call), also the Gala Night (read foam party) and some other club after.
Now for those keeping score, you may have realised that Jo and I are not the late night party owls of yesteryear and as Ibiza is renowned for such action, what’s going on and where is everyone else? They are out at clubs until wee hours and losing sleep at a rapid rate, having fun and wondering how they can ever go to a ‘normal’ club again.
As we are up to day 5 on Ibiza, the previous evening added heavily to the casualty list with about 100 not making the 9.30am round up for the boat trip. Not sure why the notice board asked for a 9.30-crack-to-it as we waited until 11 to get on the boat, still this allowed for the micro-climate to show a royal flush and I decided to race back to the hotel for shorts, Jo’s bathers and a new snorkel set.

On the boat, we punted to collect the rest of the Valencia crew and then on to our first stop off of Formentera. Togs on and a backflip into the water to get the show started. Jellyfish had been sighted and as they looked like Portuguese Man of War Jellies, we did mention they (like every other form of fauna in Australia) can kill you.
Reply: – Tranquila.
So we did, and several of us swam to the island. The water was amazing in its colour and clarity, even better than Hawaii (but no turtles in the water). Physics will show us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, thus with their relaxed attitude to swimming in such pristine conditions with killer jellyfish comes the crew’s anger when I decided to ‘chuck a layback’ into the Mediterranean.
I have mastered the art of bombs into water over many years of mis-spent pool, river and jetty sessions, so I was surprised when I was ‘told off’ in Spanish for a decent splash. Really, am I going to empty the sea by doing a bomb?

We punted further along the coast, some slept on board and we viewed Formentera’s coast line; had another swim and then turned for home. On arriving back in Ibiza, Jo, myself and a few others took in some Chinese food. Cheap in price, sadly this also dragged the quality down and Jo felt a tad rough for the encounter.

The final gig for Ibiza 2010 was a Gala Evening/Foam Party with Jo spreading the word early that due to going to the Dream Frequency foam party in Le Rox’s basement sometime in the ‘90’s she was not repeating the feat. I didn’t attend back in the day, so I went for a foam dive. Well, a foam ‘wander’ as the 2ft of foam overlaid an asphalt base, not very forgiving.
Throwing, blowing and dumping foam on mates was the order of the occasion. Once is definitely enough for foam action and after the frivolity a quick dip into a pool got the foam off, yet it left a film on the skin that was a slight worry.

Team Gandía (partial) @ Foam Party

Team Poland (which our room mates were a part of) managed to run riot here; for the entire time on Ibiza they burnt it from both ends and also the middle, missed nothing and were still smiling at the end of it all. Gold in the Party Olympics goes to them and a dishonourable mention going to Team Finland for their members sleeping too much. Team Australia with a lack of numbers was also conspicuous in its absence in a podium finish.
We decided that foam and water on a cool evening were not our style, so we split for the bus and hotel. As we rolled out one of the clubs, Eden, had their promo girls do a lap and as we got to the bus. Fernando, the Valencia President for ESN dragged us through the throng in front of the bus, telling others it was a Gandía/Valencia bus so they could go get a cab. Cheers, Fernando.

Finally we awoke to catch the ferry, the time changes on the board continued, we were in slight disarray, the buses were working overtime, a 2 hour wait at the port, a final call of ‘rapido’ to get us on the ferry and we sunk into our seats for the sail home.
Clearly, Ibiza had taken its toll with a very sedate and sleepy trip home, many having a kip and the pool was devoid of booty shakin’ and debauchery.

Thanks to all those who organised the whole affair, thanks to those who helped in adding to the laughter (especially the Dirty Dancing duo, back for another swing at it in the foam party pool), thanks to everyone from Gandía that made it a wonderful trip.

Adios Ibiza. Tranquilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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