Posted by: Team McSlade | May 25, 2010

The little one said “Roll over.”

As Matt and Kate ‘baby-sat’ the kids while we burned the Balearics to the ground, we have returned the favour in kind. They are in Ibiza and we have their two small people in our midst.

Luca (age 4 years; aka Lu, Lu-bibby, Luey, Lu-berry and Digga – Naite’s name for him) and Naite (age 2 years; aka Tato, Snazzy, Naitey and ‘Tastic) have been living the dream with us, while their parental units trip the light fantastic in the hedonistic clubs of Ibiza. They have found shelter in the kid’s room with Zach, while Jess has moved camp to be holed up on a mattress in our room.

Jess and Zach have had their fair share of duties with the two little ones, as Lu and Naite ask for our two to help them go to sleep, eat and get them out of ‘trouble’.
Zach learnt the hard way that when children wake up at 5.30am giving them biscuits, muesli bars and bananas is not a fine way to calm them down. He did try and get them to eat breakfast of weet-bix in the downstairs flat; however when I found two bowls of pre-mixed concrete the following day on the breakfast bench I do believe that it didn’t go over too well.

As ‘Zachy’ has been given the honorary big brother title by the boys, he has also had to deal with musical beds at night. Luey and Tato seem to manage to flip from pillar to post all evening and as the two beds and the blow-up mattress make one massive bed there has been a some interesting migratory patterns viewed nightly.

Lu has also taken a shine to the pool and to jumping into it. Add to this, while he’s not cooling his jets in the pool, he’s putting on an act suitable for a “Vegas Dinner and Show”. 
He is fully aware that the life-jacket must stay on at all times and that makes getting thrown in even more fun. Lu-berry asked to be thrown in, and when I launched him the first time he came up slightly shocked – then he asked to do it again and again and again.
So we did.

As Jess, the boys and I wandered to the shop today for dishwashing tablets and brown sugar, an elderly Spanish lady came along and had a chat with us.
The lady pointed at jess exclaiming ‘Guapa , guapa’ – ‘beautiful’ in English and then went on about how her clothes were also beautiful. My Spanish has obviously picked up as I understood, but Jess and the boys were mystified.
She then moved to Naite (who I had picked up), she tussled his hair saying ‘Rubio’ – blonde – and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Lu also got a kiss on the cheek, and then Jess got one too.
As we continued on to the shop, she said to Jess “¿Tienes años?”
Jess was struggling, so I said “Once” for the eleven years Jess has. This lady then proceeded to ask (to confirm what she already knew) that I was studying in Gandia and that we lived in the chalet on the hill. Si, si.
Finally, she asked if I had 3 or 4 kids, I replied “Dos hijos y dos sobrinos” – two kids and two nephews.

Oh, and I have never met her before. The beauty of living in a small town in Spain.

‘Tastic was delivered to me today by Jo and Jess holding a washing tub with a nappy, wipes and a nappy bag with a post-it note stuck to him saying:
“Please clean my bum P.S. Mum said 4 you to do it”
They were falling over themselves in laughter, Naite was giggling too and enjoying the whole show. Cleaning the bum was not a great show and he was chucked into the shower to get the job completed.

Thanks little men for being rock ‘n’ roll and filling our days with hours of entertainment.



  1. haha funny stuff kids. Love the sticky note.

    Dreaming of warm weather and long daylight hrs.

    Soon my friends soon. June 14th infact

  2. Ditto 🙂

  3. 😀

  4. By the way I only wrote that note because you were trying to make me do it and there was no way that was happening!! 🙂

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