Posted by: Team McSlade | May 30, 2010

Barbeque in the bush


Barbeque and pool

As our time in Spain is rapidly winding itself to an end (only two weeks and counting); we decided that the much anticipated ‘Barbeque in the bush’ needed to occur – and on Friday it did just that.
Earlier in the week an few mates and I were talking about our Film Comedy exam coming up on Monday and perhaps we should study on Friday to be ready for the exam, I then offered the following line “We were thinking about having a barbie at ours that day.”

“OK.” was Mikko’s reply. Dominic, Germany’s best ‘Australian’ (he lived in Australia and NZ for a couple of years and can correctly say ‘G’day’) also asked about the barbie, thus it was cemented in place for Friday.
With bus times and an explanation on how and where to get the bus in Gandia (remember the Spanish aren’t big on directions, luckily a few Mexicans were in the mix for correct Spanish translation/confirmation at the bus station on Friday). A FB message sent out with a quick note on the ‘BYO’s’ and the international festival of meat was on its way to folklore.

Friday arrived quite quickly and I had found in Carrefour a couple of racks of ribs the Flintstones would have been proud of. They got a pre-Barbie bake in the oven with a chilli soy barbeque sauce made and the pool deck was arranged to comfortably seat 20 odd souls. The charcoal was set ablaze, and then Naite and I went down to gather the revellers from the bus.
As two years olds are generally not the best without food, we went to the bakery and got a choc filled pastry. The baker asked Naite his name (in Spanish and English) and the poor lad froze, an ominous sign. We collected about ten from the bus and Naite went into shock, pastry held aloft and I carried the ‘little statue’ back home chatting with mates.

Potatoes and ribs were the first cabs off the rank, with beer and sangria to follow. The sun did its best to say out; however the thunderstorm of the previous day was still lingering and as such a dash for the pool was made when menacing clouds appeared down the valley.
It was as if a pool was transferred from Australia with the lads doing bombs and back-flips in the deep end and the girls milling about in the shallow end.

More meat and non-meat (read salad) products were consumed including Eva’s Gnocchi salad (cracker, 4 stars) and Mikko’s rice-guacamole-soup salad (interesting, also 4 stars), and as the 3.30 bus rolled into town more revellers were collected and walked through Lloc Nou and Almisera.
No surprise that as the day wore on and a pool was involved someone was going in fully clothed. Erick pulled that short straw for Gasper and then in the melee that ensued Erick managed a couple of hot laps of the pool and scored a rib from the table for sustenance.
Zach also managed to tackle Andrés into the pool and continued the Aussie Rules Football clinic by teaching Reetta how to handpass.

The sun made a comeback in the afternoon and the barbeque kept turning out meat treats for the masses. Denise sliced a capsicum in half and filled it with eggs to fry/poach/bbq in an Argentinean fashion, not sure of the end taste, but it looked fairly nice.
A third and final collection of punters from the 5.15 bus had Savario and Hugo traipsing up the hill, surprisingly, as they had not asked for the correct town when getting on the bus, just a town with a ‘J’ in it (Lloc Nou de Sant Jeroni qualifies).

A few more hours of meat, vego stuff, pool antics and random banter saw a close to proceedings as the 8pm bus to Gandia was the final one for the weekend. Clothes, bathers, additional meat and Carrefour bags were collected and the trek was made back into town. The bus was a few minutes early and everyone was off to Gandia after a great day in the bush.

Thanks Teams (in alphabetical order): Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latin America (Mexico & Argentina) and Portugal for a great Barbeque day; Team McSlade/Australia thoroughly enjoyed having everyone here in the countryside of Almiserá.

And a final note of thanks for the Paella apron that everyone signed and Reija presented to me, it shall enter the hallowed apron collection we have at home and will be a treasured memory of our time in Spain and Uni at Gandia.

Seriously, we have an apron collection.

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  1. Oh what a feeling…

  2. LOVE IT 😀

  3. I give the soup salad and gnocci salad 5 stars each 🙂

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