Posted by: Team McSlade | May 31, 2010

This is the end…of exams.

So that fateful day has arrived for myself here in Spain…my last exam.

We all knew that this was going to come sooner or later, but the sooner part was not desired. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Spain and made a heap of mates from all around the world which makes the leaving part even harder to do. Combined with the fact that the sun is shining and the pool has taken a belting in the last few days doesn’t help either.

So to put the exams into context I had two today and they were not hard.

Now when I say ´not hard´; I’m not talking about revising for days and slamming several textbooks of knowledge into one’s melon and then regurgitating the information in a coherent structure in the space of three hours ´not hard´.
I’m talking about 40 multiple choice questions that were as vexing as ¨who designed the Falling Waters house?¨ Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright.
Yes, it put the grey matter to the test and I came out with not even a hint of a headache. I was out the door in about 17 minutes and what makes that even scarier is that one friend, Rina, was finished before me.

Back in my first stint at uni in the early 90´s I remember wandering out of an exam as the first one out of a room of about 1000 students. An ominous sign for the how much study I had not done.
Spin the clock forward about ten years and I saw a young punk pull a similar trick in my exams at the end of last year. I stopped what I was writing and held a minute’s silence for that young man’s future; knowing full well he was staring down the barrel at a large HECS (government study loan) debt and bleak career opportunities.

Back to now and the morning’s exam consisted of a ´Choose your own adventure´ question, reminiscent of a Year 6 ´What I did on my Summer holidays´ with the first question being ‘Explain what you have learned in the course of Film Comedy?’ 

Sorry, a brief pause in transmission, we are currently all sitting in the uni’s computer pool and Zach has noticed a girl looking at Facebook photos that Jo has posted about our trip to Ibiza – and I am unsure who she is due to only seeing the back of her head. Love it.

Back into the exam for Film Comedy, a couple of pages were smashed out about how stuff is funny and then we watched the opening to ´The Life of Brian´ and we had to analyse why it was funny.
Call me facetious, but it’s not rocket science and with that the boys from Monty Python got written up for reasons why I giggled. Not sure everyone in the class realised that it was hilarious, but if they didn’t see the comedy in it, then maybe they are in the wrong class.

One, two, three - NOW

 So now we are back off to the pool; Matt, Kate, Potat and Lu (sorry he doesn’t follow the rhyming pattern) are on the train to Monaco from Milan as we have a week of Canucks bunking down below. It’ll be weird to have ‘outsiders’ crashing our serenity on the pool deck, but as the photos below will show you we did enough damage in the pool yesterday to allow for a bit of tranquila poolside.
Human bridges, cross-pool high-5´s, two-family-synchronised jumping and little kid paddling were the order of the day. Sunburn was a close second, with Zach and Jess complaining about the ‘heat’ at night.
Ryan – Really, I wonder if it’s because the two of you are beetroots?
Jess – No, it was the hot water in the shower.
Ryan – Interesting, Jess, as you have a t-shirt line on your shoulder…

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  1. Yeah I´m first to vote!
    You forgot to add that not all of the human bridges went to plan and if you ever try it don´t be the last person in the stepping stone line or you will get fallen on every time!!
    That was me!

  2. 1,2,3, now…that is perhaps the best piece of photography I have seen ever, as if you all timed it that well!

    Nice work extended team mcslade!

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