Posted by: Team McSlade | June 9, 2010

Out of 10, it’s an 11!

For those of you who have a love of all things animal and as such have an aversion to eating meat (I’m looking at you, Mikko, Jesper, Erica…) – look away now… or keep reading as this is good gear.

Right, with a warning in place, this one is for the meat eaters in the audience.
When we headed to the French part of the world for Easter we went to the Foie Gras Museum and collected a few treats.
Now, through foolishness, cunning or dumb luck we had ‘forgotten’ that we had several items in our possession that cannot be returned to Australia and consumed in a legal fashion, so last night we had Confit de Canard.

For those not in the know, Confit de Canard is French for “seven shades of freakin’ awesome” or duck leg poached in duck fat.
Yep, some Genius in Frogland came up with the idea to render duck fat and then poach portions of duck in said fat.
Arrogant? Perhaps, yet genius to boot; and then to store five pieces of such cuisine in a large glass jar and sell it covered in the duck fat for re-heating…brilliant.
Jo is the doyen on the Frenchie food and as such she gave the directions for ‘cooking’ the duck – turn the oven on to 200, put it all in a tray, cover with foil.

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o.

I guess the next question to answer is ‘What do you serve with seven shades of freakin’ awesome?’ Well, I am glad that has been asked, because I can happily answer with ‘Potatoes’.
Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be truly great unless rosemary and duck fat were used to roast the spuds.
Yes siree, Bob, inspired by the French gastronomy firing away in the oven, I nabbed some duck fat (now warm and very liquid) and sautéed those pomme de terre (‘apples of ground’, really France, what were you thinking with that one?) until golden brown and finished those tasty morsels in the oven too.

Jo did bring the mood down slightly by adding peas to the menu, but she did have a valid point in that we need to eat them before we go. Only ‘one shade of awesome’ for the peas.

Seven Shades of Freakin' Awesome

Still proof was in the eating, and the evidence showed that the French are Mensa certified geniuses for this culinary fare. Not only did the meat fall off the bone, but the skin virtually melted in the mouth and the residual fat simply added to the wonderment.

Jess was enthused; Zach liked the spuds but complained that he got a ‘dry piece’. Please note that he is the only person in the world that could find gristle in Steak Tartare but he still ate it. Jo belted a hole in hers and was slightly worried for my next cholesterol reading as I demolished my portion and ate some of her duck skin too.

Jo hovering over 7 shades of ...



  1. guys guys guys! let me cook you duck….no …wait…..better goose when you get back…if you want fat there is no better than ‘taties cooked in goose fat.

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