Posted by: Team McSlade | June 14, 2010

Goodbye, Part III

The Doors succinctly put it “This is the end…Beautiful friend, this is the end.”

Our time here in Spain has now come to an end and the Beautiful friends that we have made here have been bid Adios. Twice.
We had the World Cup opener of South Africa and Mexico as the event to say Adios, also to get Andrés, Erick and Jesus over the line with some Erasmus love. Zach threw ink in the ointment wearing his Aussie Scarf to give support for the Africans; after the first goal being scored by South Africa, we were nearly a child down. Andrés and Zach were sitting to close for Mexican comfort.
Still, 1-1 was the final result and France vs. Uruguay was also watched – with the second half spent talking with mates, wishing it all had not come to an end so fast.

As we leave on Tuesday (and all of the above occurred on Friday), we thought that it was the end, with a day of rest Saturday, Matt’s birthday Sunday, packing and tidying Monday and peeling out early Tuesday.
However, Germany got in the way of this run for the Italian sun with an 8.30pm match on Sunday against Australia in the World Cup.
We headed to the Barrel Bar (sorry, correct name unknown) to hang out with Krauts, only to find ‘everyone’ there and thus farewell Part II was had.

Sadly, Australian Soccer was the main thing we said ‘goodbye’ to, with a 4 – 0 belting occurring (with poor refereeing and German efficiency). It was great to see everyone (again) for one final time and made the farewell a little easier to handle with the comedy of ‘So, we’ll see you again tomorrow?’

So thankyou and much love goes out to shot-drinking Germans; full tanks of Gas with sunglasses on; German hydraulics and German efficiency; entering the real world; poor Spanish; de nada, que pasa nada, tranquila, basta ya; Rare Exports; Aussie. Aussie, Aussie, (Oi, oi, oi!); Golden Triangles; Paella and the onions; unknown Australians singing in London; travelling family and friends; singing Mexicans; Teams – Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Mexico, Latin America, Holland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Australia, Chaos, Tranquila, McSlade; Ibiza; sneaking up from behind; Finnish Liquorice; ‘Don’t post that to FB’; BBQ in the bush; football and to all the great friends and memories that we have made here in Gandia.

Some may argue that this post is too short (and I would agree), but it has been the hardest to write, not wanting this adventure to end.

Adios Erasmus with lots of love from Team McSlade.

Remember, the door is always open in Adelaide…

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