Posted by: Team McSlade | June 20, 2010

34 laps, seafood and thanks.

THANKS, Muchos Gracias y salud for the responses, well wishes and congratulations about our news on Jo’s pregnancy. It’s been great to read everyone’s comments and they have meant a great deal to the five of us.

Back to the caper at hand, we have actually left Spain now and are in Italy, Below is a blast about Matt’s birthday and to follow will be our journey through Europe. It’s been sad to leave Spain, but all good things must come to an end, luckily we have a few more weeks of European entertainment…

Enough to feed an army

As a decadent way to congratulate Matt on 34 laps of the sun (and to farewell Spain), we went to Calpe for a lunch of seafood.
On previous trips to Calpe we had seen the restaurants lined up near the beach with open chests showing off what your hard-earned cash would allow you to munch on. Jo had spied the end restaurant with full beach access – for kids to play on – also, so the vista was not cheap souvenir vendors and the tarmac of the desperate blood diamond descendants were less abundant.

So as we progressed through the variety of crustaceans’ presented before us, we were forced to revert to quotations from the ‘nanny files’ in the common form of ‘I wonder what the poor people are doing now’? and in a sense criticise ourselves for the selfish nature we were all characterising taking for granted exercises seldom experienced by the common man.

Hijacked… Yes, Jo and I went to wander the streets of Rome searching for an internerd cafe to check on all things Team McSlade after the cat was let out of the bag and the section above was ‘added’ by Team Chaos and kids.
They also decided to add a slightly ‘blue’ version of events, that shall remain unposted. However, if you want to read Matt’s ‘our version’ which is quality Elizabeth trash/aussie yobbo, add a comment below with your email address and I’ll send you a copy of it.

So with that blown to bits, I’ll wrap it fast, we ate an obscene amount of crustaceans and paella, the tray needed a few Egyptian slaves to carry it to the table; the blood diamond merchants were the random dudes that kept on badgering you, trying to sell you rugs, sunnies, hats, umbrellas and other random crap. Naite decided that falling on his face and exfoliating his eyes with sand (at least three times) was going to win him an award, and again fat women in ill-fitting bikinis were on parade. Tragic.
Also, we snagged the corner table – that some Spaniards had reserved, however, as they weren’t there on time the waiter re-arranged a few others tables, shoved the reserved on the back blocks and we got the corner office. Jo had a premonition this would occur, obviously clairvoyance is part and parcel of pregnancy.

So we are off to Italy, Sweden and England (with Team Chaos taking a detour after Sweden to Denmark and Prague, then on to the UK) before we head for the land down under.


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  1. Hi Guys, being a good Elizabeth girl I would love the read the “Elizabeth trash/aussie yobbo” version.



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