Posted by: Team McSlade | July 8, 2010

You’ll never walk alone

Driving is something that Jo and I do quite well.
We don’t drive down stairs; have accidents or trade paint with others’ cars, fences, etc. Granted, Jo has been known to open our gate at home with the front bumper as a form of ‘automatic gate’ and yes, I have put two cars into early graves through a lack of maintenance.

Which brings us to the Kia Rio we are thumping around the United Kingdom and the number of times I have stalled it. Whether driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road in Europe has caused my feet to not work correctly when reverting to right–hand drive I am not sure.
About 8 or 10 stalls in a week have had me wondering if my licence was in fact clipped off the back of a Weet-bix packet. Taking off from lights, laneways in the countryside and in car parks; the clutch, accelerator and my feet are not combining well. Whether it’s the friction point, yelling at the kids or a poor use of motor skills the jury’s still out.
Taking off from a stationary position in 2nd gear has also added to the issues, thus I have been rocketing off like a rally driver a few times so as to not stall again and hopefully it’s a thing of the past from here on in.

Bunny-hopping the Rio into Liverpool, we used our powers of intuition, guile and sheer dumb luck to land on the street our apartment was on. Not wishing to part with £12 for parking we found a slot on the street and all luggage was taken inside. Not wanting the Scoucers to go shopping in our car meant dragging in bags that weren’t required.
Still, we needn’t have bothered as police taped off the street later that night with some disturbance happening. The locals were bemused and a language that resembled English was spoken, we still aren’t sure what occurred, maybe some tourist said that Paul McCartney’s Wings was a more seminal band than The Beatles – after hearing Wings’ version of Mary had a little Lamb on BBC2, I can see that the drugs had a profound effect on Sir Paul.

Albert Docks, Liverpool

Back to Liverpool, The docks have been gentrified to bring in tourists rather than industry along the Mersey. Gerry and the Pacemaker songs were hummed throughout the streets and Super Lamb Banana was viewed.
As a 17ft sculpture of a Lamb/Banana is something fairly unique, we wandered through the city to view this artwork. On the way a few smaller Lamb Bananas were spied, with one having the Sydney Harbour Bridge painted on it; another was decorated with A Flock of Seagulls. …and I ran, I ran so far away…

As Liverpool was really just a stop on the way to Edinburgh we made an earlier stop in the Cotswolds. A hilly region of England with more small villages, castles and strangely enough, hills. Morning tea, coffee, milkshakes and pasties added to the thickening of arterial walls.
Jo had a list of small gems to find and see, but with an Ordinance map of the UK not showing every town or hamlet, we missed most. We’ll take solace in the knowledge that it’ll still be there when we return to this side of the world in years to come.

‘You’ll never walk alone’ is what the grand people of Liverpool Football Club had to say on their gates and we have photographic evidence to prove it. Zach was disappointed when we said ‘That’s it.’ about the ground. I’m not confident that he realised Steven Gerrard doesn’t just hang out at the front gate waiting for Australians to come by asking for autographs.

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Anyway, Edinburgh here we come…



  1. Sounds like fun. I can’t beleive that you were so close to my home town of Manchester and didn’t go for a look. 😦 You could make it up to me by bringing me back some lovely sweet Blackpool Rock. 🙂

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