March Madness in Madrid

Locura de marzo en Madrid
March 26 – 29, 2010
898 kms round trip

We had planned to head to Madrid for my 30th  birthday when Jo and I were there in 2004. It did not transpire, however an Olympic cycle later and we are heading there for my 34th birthday – better late than never.

The plan thus far involves a trip to Las Ventas (for a quick round of Bull Fighting), a visit to Picasso and Dali at the Reina Sofia (as my Spanish wasn’t up to scratch when we were there last and I took Jo there on the one day it was closed) and to see my little friend Perrosemihundido by Goya once again in the Prado.

So OCD girl has prepared the route.  If you have travelled this part of the world please let us know what you liked.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday gift. Your OCD girl is certainly special – and I hope you let her know that!!
    Send us a photo of the Goya that you enjoy so much.
    xxxxxx to all

    • As long as I can find him, he’s tucked away in a small room, but as this is my third trip to see him, I should be alright.

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